Heraldry in the Republic of Macedonia (1991-2019)

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Jovan Jonovski

Subject: Arts & Humanities, History Keywords: Heraldry in Macedonia; Macedonian civic heraldry; Republic of Macedonia.

Every country has some specific heraldry. In this paper, we will consider heraldry in the Republic of Macedonia, understood by the multitude of coats of arms, and armorial knowledge and art. The paper covers the period from independence until the name change (1991-2019). It covers the state coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia especially the 2009 change. Special attention is given to the development of the municipal heraldry, including the legal system covering the subject. Also personal heraldry developed in 21 century is considered. The paper covers the development of heraldry and the heraldic thought in the given period, including the role of the Macedonian Heraldic Society and its journal Macedonian Herald in development of theoretic and practical heraldry, as well as its Register of arms and the Macedonian Civic Heraldic System.


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