Polysaccharide - Modified MMT/ Modified MMT/ Polysaccharide – MNP, Lignin - Modified MMT Nanocomposites Verses Polyethyleneimineimine- Modified MMT-: A Comparative Analysis of Sustained Pesticide Delivery

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Highlights: • At the nanoscale, the characteristics of a material can alter dramatically. With only a reduction in size and no change to the substance itself, materials can display new qualities. • Polysaccharide-Modified MMT/ Modified MMT/ Polysaccharide – MNP, Lignin-Modified MMT Nanocomposites vs. Polyethyleneimineimine-Modified MMT have been compared for a Sustained Pesticide Delivery in this manuscript. • We anticipate that this description will aid researchers in selecting the best technique for developing pesticides and improving pesticide delivery.


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