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  • acoustics:
  1. The ability of a microphone to pickup very quiet sounds results in a higher sensitivity number.
  2. The ability for a speaker to produce a louder sound when fed the same amount of power as another speaker. The SPL output for a given input level (usually tested with 1 watt of input power with a test instrument 1 meter directly in front of the speaker).
  3. The ability of a wireless microphone receiver to pickup very weak RF signal levels. Source: Church Audio & Acoustics Glossary
  • (agriculture) The effect of remolding on the shear strength of an undrained cohesive soil.  
  • (cancer) When referring to a medical test, sensitivity refers to the percentage of people who test positive for a specific disease among a group of people who have the disease. No test has 100% sensitivity because some people who have the disease will test negative for it (false negatives).

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