The Era of Humanism- Humanist cyberactivism in Northern Nigeria

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There has been a growing presence of openly humanist and anti theists individuals of Northern Nigerian descent on social media, using studies that looked at internet use and religiosity some have cited the correlation between internet penetration and irreligion as proof that Internet usage is responsible for this growth of humanist activism. This research challenges that perspective by studying for the first time, this growing community of social dissenters. We argue that the social conditions in Northern Nigeria are fueling the growth of digital humanism which is also moving away from cyberactivism to become a full fledged cybersect. Analyzing the framing of humanist argument, we suggest that Humanists through cyberactivism are exploiting social conditions within the region, which currently favor mass mobilization.

Abdullahi, A. A. (2017, December 14). The Era of Humanism- Humanist cyberactivism in Northern Nigeria.

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