The Legal and the Epistemic in Times of Techno-Scientific Transformation: Inefficacies of JTB Account of Knowledge

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Dimitris Kilakos, Stela Papaoikonomou

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Philosophy

Keywords: JTB account of knowledge; Gettier problems; contextualization of belief and knowledge; epistemic and non-epistemic dimensions of law

Echoing the long-held JTB account of knowledge, according to which knowledge can be conceptually analyzed as justified true belief, Backes (2019) argues that our epistemic aim is to believe truly or accurately and emphasizes on that “a belief is justified iff it is highly probable”. We maintain that this line of reasoning is deficient, in terms of epistemic concerns and non-epistemic concerns of interest for both philosophy and legal theory. Specifically, in this short paper, we argue for the ineffectiveness of the aforementioned Backes’ view to meet the challenges posed by the ongoing rapid techno-scientific transformation of our contemporary societies and ways-of life.

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