The Status of Knighthood Appointments, Knighthood and Bushido

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Shutaro Takeda

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Philosophy

Keywords: Knighthood; international law; Canon Law; order of knighthood; Ramon Lull; Leon Gautier; Bushido

Chivalry is a concept that is both familiar and distant to many Japanese. There is no other social class in the world that resembles knights as much as the samurai in Japan. However, why is it that there is such a gap between knights and warriors, even though they are both warriors with the same social status and honor? This paper reviews the legal debates on the deposed sovereigns’ rights have emerged since 20th century. Among them, the right to appoint knights by heads of deposed royal families is one of the focal points. The author begins with a comprehensive review of legal debates on the subject. Six principles on the appointment are extracted from the review. Then, a comparison between chivalry and Bushido, the Japanese Samurai code, was carried out.

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