Vinyl chloride

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  • [CAS# 75-01-4] Chemical Formula C2H3Cl: Synonyms: Ethylene, chloro-; Chloroethene; Chloroethylene; Monochloroethylene; Vinyl chloride; Vinyl chloride monomer; Vinyl C monomer; C2H3Cl; Ethylene monochloride; Monochloroethene; Chlorethene; Chlorethylene; Chlorure de vinyle; Cloruro di vinile; Rcra waste number U043; Trovidur; UN 1086; VC; VCM; Vinile; Vinylchlorid; Vinyl chloride, inhibited; Vinyle(chlorure de); Winylu chlorek. This colorless gas is used mainly to produce polyvinylchloride. As there are no natural sources known for this compound, all sources are anthropogenic. The compound reacts with hydroxyl radicals in the atmosphere to yield chlorine radicals, which catalytically destroy ozone.
    Source: Atmospheric Chemistry Glossary
  • A substance used to make plastics. Exposure to vinyl chloride may increase the risk of developing liver, brain, and lung cancers; lymphoma; and leukemia.

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