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Jeffrey D. Iverson - sole proprietor

Iverson Software Co., designs, develops, and publishes software for the Macintosh, Newton, Windows, and Java platforms. We also provide custom solutions for these platforms. You can hire us for as little as $50 per hour.

In July of 1997 we began publishing a directory of software development professionals (DeveloDex™ formerly The Directory of Computer Consultants & Developers). currently offline

In January of 1999 we created an area for users to post links to CFPs (Calls for Papers), Conferences, Magazines, Products, Recruiters, User Groups, Vendors, and Web Sites. Unlike other link directories, such as Yahoo, we allow users to post, edit, or remove their links at any time (Tabularium™). currently offline

In January of 2001 we created a shopping mall (OptiMall™) with thousands of high quality merchants. We are proud of our affiliation with the best of the Internet e-commerce retailers.

  • Some of our experience:
    • Macintosh programming since August, 1987
    • Smalltalk programming since January 1988
    • Windows programming since December, 1991
    • Newton programming since October, 1993
    • HTML coding since June, 1994
    • Java programming since November, 1996
    • Web/Database integration since August, 1997
  • Services Offered:
    • Custom software development and consulting (hourly or contract)
    • Web site design and development (hourly or contract)
    • DeveloDex™ (free)
    • Tabularium™ (free)
    • OptiMall™ (free)

Interested in advertising with us?

There are currently only 3 ways to become an advertiser or merchant on this website:

  • Burst - An advertising network, they serve the banners you see at the top and bottom of each page.
  • Commission Junction - Our favorite affiliate network providing access to more than 1200 merchants.
  • Linkshare - Another affiliate network providing access to more than 300 of our merchants.

We highly recommend joining an affiliate marketing program if you really want to market your product or service.

Why? Because, almost immediately you will have mobilized an enthusiastic sales force pushing your message through every conceivable channel on the 'net. You will find that your best producers will also help you by advising you on how to improve your message.

We, the affiliates, have seen merchants come and go. We know some things that  nearly always work, some things that usually don't, and are always delighted to learn something new or unexpected.

If you are marketing on the web without an affiliate program, you're not maximizing the huge potential that these tireless affiliate members are eager to put to work on your behalf!




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